“Georgians Take to the Streets as Protests Over Foreign Agents Bill Continue”

Protests erupted in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, over a proposed law that would require NGOs that receive funding from abroad to register as “foreign agents.” The bill, which sparked outrage among the citizens, was later withdrawn by the government.

Clashes broke out between protesters and police near the parliament building, where tensions ran high. CNN reported that protesters had thrown eggs, bottles, and rocks at police, while the police used water cannons and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

The bill was widely seen as an attempt by the ruling party to silence dissent and restrict freedom of speech. Many Georgians viewed the bill as evidence of foreign interference in their country’s internal affairs.

The protests continued throughout the day, with people taking to the streets to voice their opposition to the proposed law. Democracy Now! reported that thousands of Georgians had joined the protests, demanding that the government abandon the bill.

As the protests entered a second day, CNN reported that more violence had erupted between police and protesters, with some protesters using makeshift shields to protect themselves from police water cannons. A viral video also surfaced showing protesters shielding a woman who had been caught in the crossfire.

In the end, the government withdrew the controversial bill, citing pressure from the international community and concerns over the impact on Georgia’s reputation. The protests, however, underscored the growing divisions and tensions within Georgian society, as well as the importance of protecting democratic values and institutions.