Germany’s Decision Could Determine the Fate of Ukraine’s War: U.S. Leans Toward Sending Tanks, Germany Weighs Pros and Cons

The United States has officially requested permission from Germany to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The request comes as tensions in the region continue to rise.

Germany has yet to make a decision on the request, but a decision is expected soon, according to a report from CNN-News18. However, Russia has warned Ukraine that it “will pay” if Germany decides to send tanks.

The decision has been met with mixed reactions from Germany’s allies. According to a report from Newsweek, some allies are angered by the hesitation to send tanks to Ukraine, while others are worried that doing so would further escalate the conflict.

The situation has been further complicated by a tank battle in the region, according to Newsweek. Germany’s involvement in the battle has angered some of its allies, with some suggesting that the country’s actions have prolonged the war.

It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold, but it is clear that the conflict in Ukraine is far from over.