Governor DeSantis Gains Control of Disney District After Legislative Victory

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared victory on Tuesday as the Florida Legislature approved a bill to strip Disney World of some of its 56-year-old perks. The bill, which was introduced by DeSantis, will give the Governor control of the Disney Special District Board.

The bill, which was passed by the Florida Senate, will allow DeSantis to appoint five of the seven members of the Disney Special District Board. The bill also eliminates the district’s ability to issue bonds without the approval of the state legislature and gives the state more control over the area’s taxes.

The bill was met with criticism from some who argued that the bill gives DeSantis too much control over the district. However, supporters of the bill argued that the district needs more oversight and that the bill would provide that.

The bill comes at a time when questions about migrants, voting, and other issues remain after another legislative session. The bill, however, does not address these issues.

Despite the criticism, DeSantis declared victory, saying that the bill is a “win for Florida taxpayers and our economy.” He added that the bill will ensure that the district is “accountable and transparent.”