Guess? Stock Hits 10-Year Highs Despite Retail Slump – What’s Next for GES?

Los Angeles, California – Guess? Inc., a prominent fashion brand, has recently caught the attention of investors for its remarkable performance in the face of challenging market conditions. Amid a backdrop of dwindling consumer sentiment and stagnant retail sales, Guess? has managed to break through to new 10-year highs, showcasing its resilience in the consumer discretionary sector.

Despite the overall downturn in the sector, Guess? has remained a standout with its impressive fourth-quarter and fiscal year 2024 results. The company reported a revenue increase of 9% in both U.S. dollars and constant currency, with operating margins showing significant improvement.

Key figures from Guess?, including Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Paul Marciano, attribute the company’s success to its strategic brand elevation efforts. By positioning itself as an accessible yet fashionable brand for Gen-Z consumers, Guess? has successfully maintained good pricing power and strong margins, particularly evident in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2024.

However, looking ahead to fiscal year 2025, Guess? faces headwinds that may impact its performance. While revenue growth is projected to continue in the low single digits, concerns over margins and earnings per share persist. The company anticipates challenges from external factors, such as the Red Sea crisis affecting freight rates and inbound costs, as well as the potential impact of the acquisition of rag & bone on its financial results.

Despite short-term uncertainties, Guess? remains optimistic about its long-term prospects, buoyed by its solid revenue growth and stable margins. The company’s appeal to Gen-Z consumers and its positioning in the high street market bode well for its future success.

Investors are advised to closely monitor Guess?’s performance in the coming months, particularly in light of its expected earnings release and revised guidance. The company’s ability to weather industry headwinds and capitalize on its strengths will be critical in determining its trajectory in the market.