“Guilty Gear Strive unleashes new Bedman? DLC character—fans speculate on Asuka R. Kreuz’s involvement”

New DLC character announced for Guilty Gear Strive

Fans of the popular fighting game, Guilty Gear Strive, were in for a treat as a new DLC character was announced yesterday. The character, Bedman?, will be the eighth addition to the game’s roster.

Developers have not yet shared any details about the character’s abilities or backstory, but fans have been speculating about what new techniques Bedman? will bring to the game. Asuka R. Kreuz was also teased in the same announcement, leading to further excitement amongst fans.

The announcement was made by the game’s official website and was quickly picked up by gaming news outlets such as EventHubs, Siliconera, Anime News Network and MP1st.

The next season of the game will also bring a new stage to the game, which will be launched on April 6. Screenshots and other important information about the upcoming content were shared in the news release.

Many fans have already expressed their excitement on social media and are eagerly awaiting the release of the new character and stage later this year.