Heroic Worker Disarms Gunman After Mass Shooting in Monterey Park

A shocking scene unfolded in Monterey Park, California yesterday when a gunman opened fire in a crowded Alhambra ballroom. The gunman had managed to injure several people before being stopped by a brave worker who wrested the pistol from his hands.

The worker’s heroic act was captured in a photo released by ABC7, which shows the worker in the process of disarming the suspect.

Police are now investigating the crime scene and have released an image of the suspect to the public. The suspect is believed to have fled in a van, which was later stopped in Torrence.

The New York Times reported that the worker who wrested the pistol from the suspect was a local security guard. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The motive behind the shooting is still unclear, and authorities are asking members of the public to come forward with any information they may have.