Homicide Investigation Underway in St. Johnsbury After Fatal Robbery Attempt

Saint Johnsbury, Vermont – A failed robbery attempt at a home in St. Johnsbury led to the tragic death of 47-year-old Matthew Lomasney, as confirmed by autopsy results revealing gunshot wounds to his torso. Lomasney’s untimely demise has been classified as a homicide, prompting Vermont State Police to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.

Following a 911 call reporting a shooting at a residence on Summer Street around 11:15 p.m. on Monday, officers from the St. Johnsbury Police Department arrived at the scene to discover a masked man deceased at the bottom of a staircase inside the home. It was determined that Lomasney had forcibly entered the residence in an attempt to rob a drug dealer occupying an apartment on the second floor, resulting in the fatal altercation with the occupants of the home.

The neighborhood residents recalled hearing multiple gunshots during the harrowing incident, shedding light on the gravity of the situation that unfolded. The state police have now taken over the case from the local authorities, as evidence suggests previous calls to the same residence regarding disturbances involving gunshots, as disclosed by Vermont State Police Captain Jeremy Hill during a press conference held to address the matter.

As the investigation into Lomasney’s death progresses, law enforcement authorities have made a plea to the public for any pertinent information regarding the case. Individuals with relevant details are urged to contact Vermont State Police at 802-748-3111, with the option to submit tips anonymously online.

The absence of any suspects in custody at this point underscores the complexity of the ongoing investigation, with law enforcement officials committed to unraveling the circumstances surrounding Lomasney’s demise. The evolving nature of this incident will see updates shared with the public as additional information becomes available to shed light on this tragic event.