Hostages Confirmed Dead: IDF Declares Four Israelis Taken by Hamas and Paramedic Killed – Shocking Update on Oct. 7 Incident!

Jerusalem, Israel – The Israel Defense Forces confirmed on Monday that four Israelis who were taken hostage by Hamas on October 7 have been found dead. The families of hostages Nadav Popplewell, Yoram Metzger, Amiram Cooper, and Haim Perry were notified that their loved ones are no longer alive, with Hamas holding their remains.

Additionally, 35-year-old paramedic Dolev Yehud, who was killed on October 7, was also announced deceased by the IDF. Yehud, who left his home to save lives, leaves behind his pregnant wife and three children, the IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari shared. He emphasized that Yehud was murdered by Hamas.

The deaths come amidst a challenged cease-fire proposal supported by President Joe Biden. Right-wing ministers in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government oppose any deal with Hamas, complicating the situation. The families of remaining hostages are advocating for a resolution to secure their loved ones’ return.

Israeli government records indicate that 120 hostages remain in captivity, 43 of whom have died while in captivity. According to the IDF, the decision to declare the four hostages dead was based on intelligence suggesting they were killed together several months ago by Hamas terrorists in the Khan Yunis area.

The exact circumstances of their deaths remain unclear. However, in March, a Hamas spokesperson mentioned that Perry, Metzger, and Cooper were among hostages killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. Popplewell, a dual Israeli-British citizen, was featured in a propaganda video last month released by Hamas, heightening tensions and concerns among the hostages’ families.

The community of Kibbutz Nirim mourns the death of Nadav Popplewell, who was captured alongside his mother on October 7. His mother was later released in November as part of a temporary cease-fire agreement. The recent developments shed light on the ongoing ordeal faced by the Israeli hostages and their families, as efforts continue to secure the return of those still in captivity.

Metzger and Perry, both 80 years old, were involved in their respective kibbutzim and were known for their contributions to peace efforts in the region. Cooper, 85, played a significant role in establishing the Nir Oz kibbutz. The tragic loss of these individuals underscores the complexity and challenges surrounding the conflict between Israel and Hamas.