House Hearing on Hunter Biden Laptop “Censorship” Sparks Debate: Former Twitter Execs Testify

Today, the House Oversight Committee held a hearing to investigate Twitter’s alleged censorship of a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden. The hearing was attended by former Twitter executives who were questioned about the company’s decision to limit the spread of the laptop’s contents.

The hearing was prompted by reports of emails and other documents found on the laptop that were allegedly related to Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Fox Business reported that Twitter executives were in the hot seat for censoring the story.

The White House accused the House Oversight Committee of staging a “bizarre political stunt” in response to the hearing. Fox News reported that the White House believes the hearing was a partisan effort to discredit President Joe Biden and his son.

The hearing was also covered by The Washington Post, CBS News, and The Guardian. The Guardian noted that the hearing was unlikely to yield a “sane investigation” into the matter.

Overall, the hearing was a major event in the ongoing debate over social media censorship. It remains to be seen how Twitter’s decision to limit the spread of the laptop’s contents will be judged by Congress.