Hunter Biden Takes Aggressive Legal Action Against GOP Foes: Criminal Probe Demanded

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is taking a more aggressive approach against his GOP foes by demanding investigations and retractions.

In a letter sent to multiple news outlets, Biden’s lawyers called for a criminal probe into his critics who have been accused of using his laptop to spread misinformation.

The letter specifically calls out the New York Post and Fox News for using the laptop’s contents to spread false stories. Biden’s lawyers are demanding both outlets retract their stories and investigate how they obtained the laptop’s contents.

“The dissemination of these false and fabricated stories is part of a deliberate disinformation campaign designed to advance the political interests of those who obtained and released the materials,” the letter reads.

The laptop’s contents have been the subject of much debate since being released by the New York Post and Fox News, who both claimed the laptop was left at a Delaware repair shop by Biden.

The FBI is now investigating the origin of the laptop’s contents and whether they were obtained through illegal means.

Biden’s lawyers have also taken aim at other news outlets, including CNN, The Washington Post, and NBC News, for their coverage of the laptop’s contents.

The legal strategy is seen as a way for Biden to take control of the narrative and push back against his critics. It remains to be seen if the investigations and retractions will be successful.