Hunter Biden Takes Aggressive Legal Action Against GOP Foes: Criminal Probes, Retractions, and More

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is taking an aggressive new legal strategy against his GOP foes. Biden has demanded investigations and retractions of false claims made against him, and has now called for a criminal probe into Trump allies over laptop content.

Biden’s lawyers have sent a letter to the Department of Justice, asking for a criminal investigation into the laptop content. The letter claims that the laptop content was obtained illegally, and that the false claims made against Biden were part of a political conspiracy.

The letter has opened up a new front in Biden’s legal battle against his GOP foes. Biden is seeking to hold those responsible for the false claims accountable.

Dana Bash, CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent, weighed in on Biden’s call for a criminal investigation. She said that Biden’s legal strategy is a “bold move” and that it could have serious implications for those who spread false claims about him.

The Biden legal team’s aggressive strategy has reignited the debate over the laptop content and the false claims made against Biden. It remains to be seen what the outcome of the criminal investigation will be.