Hunter Biden Trial Bombshell: Beau Biden’s Widow Testifies About Gun Panic and Crack Cocaine Connection

Wilmington, Delaware – Hallie Biden, widow of the late Beau Biden and sister-in-law of Hunter Biden, testified in Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial, revealing her “panicking” reaction upon discovering and disposing of the firearm central to the case. She also disclosed how she was introduced to crack cocaine by Hunter Biden.

Considered the prosecution’s key witness, Hallie’s testimony followed Gordon Cleveland, who confirmed selling the firearm to Hunter Biden. Prosecutors granted her immunity for her statements. Hallie recounted finding the gun while clearing Hunter’s car, where she often searched for drugs and alcohol. Surveillance footage showed her discarding the weapon in a grocery store dumpster, later returning to search for it.

“I panicked,” Hallie admitted, expressing concern for the safety of her family. She mentioned wanting to prevent harm to her children or others discovering the gun. Despite initially planning to pretend ignorance, Hunter contacted her upon realizing the gun was missing.

During the trial, text messages revealed Hunter’s drug use, contradicting defense claims of his sobriety during the firearm purchase in October 2018. Hunter faces three felonies related to false statements on a gun form and unlawful gun possession, pleading not guilty to the charges.

Hallie’s testimony also highlighted her tumultuous relationship with Hunter, his drug use, and his demeanor while under the influence. She admitted to using crack cocaine after Beau’s death and expressed regret and embarrassment over that period of her life. Despite difficulties recalling specific dates, she refuted witnessing Hunter using drugs during the relevant timeframe.

Various witnesses, including Hunter’s ex-wife and former girlfriend, testified about his drug abuse history. Hunter faces separate federal tax charges in California, unrelated to his gun trial in Delaware. President Biden has refrained from direct involvement in the trial, stating he would accept its outcome.

The ongoing trial implicates Hunter Biden in a complex legal battle, shedding light on his personal struggles and the implications of his actions. Support from family members, including President Biden’s sister Valerie and daughter Ashley, underscores the trial’s significance within the Biden family. As the case unfolds, it raises questions about accountability, addiction, and the consequences of one’s choices.