Hunter Biden Trial: Shocking Testimony from Daughter Revealed!

Wilmington, Delaware – Hunter Biden’s daughter, Naomi Biden, was called to testify at his trial on charges related to his October 2018 purchase of a firearm. The focus of the questioning was a trip Hunter Biden took to New York to exchange cars with Naomi Biden, during the time he was in possession of the firearm.

It is expected that Hunter Biden will reveal whether he plans to take the stand in his own defense over the weekend or on Monday morning. President Biden’s brother, James “Jimmy” Biden, was scheduled to testify on Friday, but the court adjourned earlier than anticipated. Prosecutors have indicated that they may call an additional witness if Hunter Biden decides to testify.

Naomi Biden, a lawyer, testified about seeing her father after an extended period of time in August 2018 in Los Angeles. She also described exchanging cars with her father in New York in mid-October 2018, during the period he had the firearm in his possession. Hallie Biden, romantically involved with Hunter Biden at the time, testified that she found and discarded the gun in his truck 11 days after he bought it.

During cross-examination, Naomi Biden acknowledged her father’s struggles with addiction but stated that she had never seen him use illegal drugs in front of her. The prosecution highlighted text messages exchanged between Naomi Biden and her father during the period he had the gun, trying to establish that Hunter Biden was still an addict.

The defense’s first witnesses were a former employee of the gun store where Hunter Biden made the purchase and the store owner. The prosecution’s witnesses included a chemist from the FBI and a DEA agent who testified about cocaine residue and text messages referencing drug terminology in Hunter Biden’s possession.

Hunter Biden is facing three felonies related to his firearm purchase, including making false statements on a federal gun form about his drug use and unlawfully owning the gun. Hallie Biden, Hunter Biden’s sister-in-law, testified that she found the gun in his truck and disposed of it out of concern for the safety of the children.

During the trial, revelations about Hunter Biden’s history of drug addiction have been brought to light. The defense has attempted to raise doubts about whether Hunter Biden knowingly omitted information about his drug use on the firearm disclosure form. Prosecutors presented text messages between Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden from the time of the gun purchase, where drug-related discussions took place.

In an emotional moment during Naomi Biden’s testimony, Hunter Biden wiped away a tear as she hugged him before leaving the courtroom. The trial continues to unfold as both the defense and prosecution present their cases.