I-95 Collapse: Philadelphia Bridge Crumbles After Massive Tanker Truck Fire

Philadelphia, PA – A bridge on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia collapsed on Monday, blocking lanes in both directions and causing a massive traffic jam in the area. The collapse is believed to have been caused by a huge tanker truck fire that shut down the highway outside of Philadelphia earlier in the day.

According to reports, the truck caught fire while traveling under the bridge, causing the bridge to collapse. The fire was so intense that it caused a large portion of the bridge to buckle and collapse onto the highway below. It is unclear at this time how many vehicles were on the bridge at the time of the collapse.

The incident has caused major traffic disruptions in the area, with officials detouring traffic onto local roads. It is unknown how long it will take to repair the damaged bridge and reopen the highway.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has issued a statement urging motorists to avoid the area and use alternate routes. The department has also dispatched crews to assess the damage and begin the cleanup process.

This is a developing story, and more information will be provided as it becomes available.