Indiana man arrested after biting two people at child’s birthday party

LOWELL, IN – Indiana authorities have brought charges against Carl Edward Scott, a 47-year-old man after he purportedly engaged in a violent altercation at a child’s birthday party that left his victims seriously injured. The disorder broke out in Lowell, leading to an emergency response by local police to a distress call around 10 p.m. on May 17.

Scott faces stark accusations after allegedly engaging in a frenzied attack that nearly severed a man’s finger and inflicted a severe bite wound on a woman’s torso during the celebrations. Lowell Police Department responded swiftly to the scene, described by the police report as a “fight in progress,” with a male victim reportedly pinning the aggressor to the ground as officers arrived.

Investigative details reveal the male victim encountered Scott during his daughter’s birthday party, where the turmoil ensued. Police records note that the victim’s finger suffered extensive damage, stripping it down to the bone and necessitating multiple stitches. Furthermore, the victim’s wife presented with a considerable bite mark located just under her rib cage, adding to the gravity of the assault.

According to witness statements included in the court affidavit, tensions rose dramatically after Scott was observed confronting another female guest in a manner that prompted discomfort. The altercation intensified after Scott was asked to leave the premises, culminating in him allegedly shoving the woman by her throat and spiraling into a vehement physical confrontation with both the woman and her husband.

Police, upon securing Scott, noted his unstable condition and a confession during a body search that he was in possession of hallucinogenic substances, specifically citing “mushrooms” and “acid.” These details may provide context to his erratic behavior, though official reports have not confirmed a direct correlation.

Scott is now charged with multiple offenses, including aggravated battery resulting in serious permanent disfigurement, battery causing serious bodily injury, and a misdemeanor count of battery resulting in bodily injury. As the case moves through the judicial system, a plea from Scott remains pending, and a hearing is slated for July 18. The incident casts a shadow over what was intended to be a joyous family gathering, now marred by violence and legal proceedings.