India’s Worst Train Disaster: Signal Fault Likely Cause, Minister Says

India’s Deadliest Train Disaster Blamed on Signal Fault

India experienced its worst rail disaster in decades when a train collided with a goods train in Bahanaga, Odisha, claiming the lives of over 280 people. The tragic incident is believed to have been caused by a signal fault, according to Indian railway minister Suresh Prabhu.

A plea has since been filed in Supreme Court seeking for a court-monitored probe into the tragedy. The collision has sparked outrage across the country, with VIPs rushing to the scene of the accident to inquire about the status of the survivors.

The collision is being referred to as the worst railway collision disaster in the history of independent India. Despite efforts by the Indian government to upgrade its aging trains and infrastructure, there remain concerns about the safety of the country’s railways.

As the nation mourns the loss of lives, experts and analysts are urging the government to take swift action to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future. The investigation into the Bahanaga train accident continues, but officials are already calling for greater investment in the country’s railways to prevent similar accidents from taking place in the future.