iOS 17: New Features Include FaceTime for TVs, Personal Safety Checks, and Multiple Timers for iPhones

Apple’s developer betas are now free to download and install, according to Engadget. This means that developers can test and debug their apps for the upcoming release of iOS 17. The new version of the operating system includes many exciting features, such as FaceTime for TVs, personal safety checks, and multiple timers, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. However, there have been some issues with Samsung’s attempt to implement a similar feature in their devices. According to SamMobile, Samsung was unable to perfect their standby idea which Apple has used for iOS 17.

Laptop Mag provided a hands-on review of iOS 17, stating that the new version is “same, but different”. The review noted that the user interface has been refined, and there are some new features that add to the overall experience. One of these new features is the Live Voicemail, which Tom’s Guide reported on. The article explained what Live Voicemail is and how it works.

Overall, the upcoming release of iOS 17 has excited many in the tech industry. While there have been some issues with implementing similar features, Apple’s developer betas being free means that developers can ensure that their apps will work seamlessly with the new operating system.