Israel Strengthens Settlements Amid Escalating Tensions: Palestinian Authority Holds Israel Responsible

The Israeli government has announced plans to “strengthen” settlements in the West Bank following a series of shooting attacks in Jerusalem. The attacks, which left two people dead, have been attributed to a 13-year-old Palestinian gunman who was apprehended by an armed Israeli citizen.

In response, the Israeli government has arrested 42 people in connection with the shooting and has vowed to take steps to bolster security in the region.

The Palestinian Authority has condemned the shootings and holds Israel “fully responsible” for the escalation of violence. The Authority has also called for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and warned that terrorism will not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, some experts are calling for negotiations as the only way to bring peace to the region. They argue that the murder of innocent people cannot be allowed to stand and that only through dialogue can a lasting solution be found.

The situation in Jerusalem remains tense as both sides look for a way forward. View Full Coverage on USNN for the latest updates.