Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Dismisses Key Ally in Compliance with High Court Order

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has fired a key ally, Aryeh Deri, following a High Court order. Deri, a minister in Netanyahu’s cabinet, had a criminal record, and the Supreme Court ruled that he must be dismissed.

Netanyahu made the decision during Sunday’s cabinet meeting, in compliance with the Supreme Court’s order. Deri, a member of the Shas party, had been a key ally of Netanyahu’s since 2015.

The Supreme Court ruled that Deri’s criminal record prevented him from serving in the cabinet. Deri had previously been convicted of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in 2000.

The dismissal of Deri has been widely reported by news outlets such as CNN, FRANCE 24 English, POLITICO, The Times of Israel, and Reuters.

Netanyahu has yet to comment on the decision to dismiss Deri, but the move is seen as a major setback for the Prime Minister’s coalition.