Israeli Tanks Surrounded in Rafah City Center – Eyewitnesses Shocked by IDF Operation!

Rafah, a city in the Gaza Strip, witnessed the arrival of several Israeli tanks on Tuesday, according to eyewitnesses. The tanks were seen near the central landmark Al-Awda mosque. The Israeli military has not provided immediate comments on the situation, stating that a statement regarding the operation in Rafah will be issued later.

IDF troops have been actively operating in the Rafah area, with soldiers carrying out precise operations based on intelligence indicating terror targets along the Philadelphi Corridor. Reports indicate that four IDF brigades, including the 401st Armored Brigade, the Nahal Brigade, the 12th Brigade, and the Bislach Brigade, have been involved in operations in Rafah, expanding their ground maneuvers into new areas.

Recent updates suggest that around 30-40% of Rafah is now under IDF control, with a significant number of Palestinian civilians evacuated from the area. The evacuation efforts have seen success, with reports indicating that approximately 950,000 civilians have been evacuated in just two weeks since May 6. The evolving situation in Rafah underscores the ongoing military operations and the impact on the local population.

In response to inquiries, the IDF declined to provide comments at this time, acknowledging the reports circulated by news sources like Reuters. The situation in Rafah continues to develop, with increased military presence and operations in the area. More updates are expected as the situation unfolds, shedding light on the complex dynamics at play in the region.