Jalen Hurts & Brock Purdy Reunite in Epic NFC Championship Game: A Tale of Two College Football Stars

This Sunday’s NFC Championship Game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers will be an epic battle, featuring two quarterbacks who have already met in an epic game of their own.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts and 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy faced off in 2018, when Hurts was a senior at Oklahoma and Purdy was a freshman at Iowa State. Hurts’ Oklahoma Sooners defeated Purdy’s Iowa State Cyclones in an exciting 49-42 shootout.

Now, the two quarterbacks will be meeting again, this time with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. Both have had impressive seasons, with Hurts leading the Eagles to a playoff berth and Purdy leading the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game.

The defenses of both teams are also formidable, and it will be interesting to see how they fare against Hurts and Purdy. ESPN’s First Take discussed this matchup, asking whether the two quarterbacks will be able to overcome the defenses in the title game.

SB Nation recently looked back at the college game between Hurts and Purdy, noting that the two could not have imagined that they would be facing off in the NFC Championship Game when they met in 2018.

The Athletic also looked ahead to the future, asking which 2023 NFL Draft prospect could repeat the rise of Purdy and become the “next Brock Purdy.”

No matter which quarterback comes out on top this Sunday, one thing is certain: Hurts and Purdy will be in for an epic battle.