James Cameron Makes History: Third Movie to Gross $2 Billion Worldwide

James Cameron has made history with the box office success of his latest movie, ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’. The movie has become the first of Cameron’s films to cross the $2 billion mark in worldwide box office, making him the first filmmaker to direct three movies that have achieved this feat.

The weekend box office was dominated by the sci-fi sequel ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, which is the third movie from director James Cameron to reach the $2 billion mark. The other two movies were ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’, both of which were released in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

The success of ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ has been a major boost for the film industry, with the movie becoming the highest grossing movie of all time. Despite this, another sci-fi movie, ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, was able to score the weekend’s best box office.

It is clear that James Cameron’s movies are continuing to be a major success, and with ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ becoming the third movie from the director to gross $2 billion, it is likely that his films will continue to be a major success in the future.