Jey Uso Demands Departure of Paul Heyman for Return to The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown

WWE Fans in Frenzy After Big Name Returns to SmackDown

WWE fans were in a frenzy last night as a big name, whose return was teased earlier in the day, finally made their comeback on Friday Night SmackDown. And the comeback was just the tip of the iceberg.

As the show began, Jey Uso made it clear to Roman Reigns that he will only return to The Bloodline if Paul Heyman leaves. This sparked an emotional exchange between Reigns and Uso, with Reigns defending Heyman and Uso standing his ground.

Later in the show, Sami Zayn appeared on screen to give Uso some advice. He told him that there is life after The Bloodline, and that he should focus on himself and his own career. Zayn’s words seemed to resonate with Uso, who was visibly emotional during the segment.

But the biggest moment of the night came when the mysterious big name finally made their appearance. It was none other than John Cena, who had been teasing a return to the WWE for months.

Cena made his way to the ring and delivered a passionate promo to the crowd, telling them that he is back and ready to take on any challenge. The fans erupted in cheers and chants of “Cena! Cena!”

The rest of the night was filled with intense matches and drama, but nothing could compare to the return of Cena. The WWE universe will undoubtedly be buzzing for weeks to come as they await his next move.