Joe Biden’s ‘No Regrets’ Scandal: Uncovering the Truth Behind the ‘Important Docs’ Found in His House

Joe Biden’s security and transparency issues have been thrust into the spotlight yet again, after a laptop was found to contain photos of a beat-up box of ‘Important Docs’ out in the open at Biden’s house.

The White House press corps has been particularly critical of Biden’s press secretary, Jean-Pierre, for his lack of transparency and responsiveness on the matter.

Biden, for his part, has said he has “no regrets” on the handling of the classified documents, a remark that has drawn the ire of many news outlets. Fox News called the remark “infuriating and really, really dumb,” while The New York Times speculated that the scandal could have a negative impact on Biden’s 2024 presidential prospects.

It remains to be seen how the public and the press will respond to the Biden administration’s handling of the classified documents. In the meantime, view full coverage of the story on USNN.