“John Oliver Exposes ‘Disturbing Dating Tactic’ of Ron DeSantis, Dubbed ‘Meatball Ron’ by Donald Trump”

In a scathing segment on his popular show, “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver took aim at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his recent dating tactic, calling it “disturbing” and “bizarre.”

Oliver’s segment focused on a recent report in which DeSantis had asked a woman on a date by handing her a note that read “Hey you! I’m Ron DeSantis! Here’s my number.”

Oliver quickly criticized the move, calling it “creepy” and questioning DeSantis’ judgement. “So, he’s just handing out notes to random women in the hopes that they’ll call him back? That’s not a dating tactic, that’s a cry for help,” Oliver quipped.

But the comedian didn’t stop there. He went on to highlight what he called “Meatball Ron’s” other questionable actions as Governor. Oliver mentioned DeSantis’ controversial handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, his support of restrictive voting laws, and his close association with former President Donald Trump.

“Let’s be honest,” Oliver said. “Ron DeSantis is just a mini-Trump, but with less charisma and more meatball-related nicknames.”

The segment quickly went viral, with many people on social media applauding Oliver’s critique of the Florida Governor. However, DeSantis has yet to comment on the segment or the criticism it has received.

As the controversy continues to swirl around “Meatball Ron,” it remains to be seen how his dating tactics and political actions will be received by the public moving forward.