Judge Rules Starbucks Committed ‘Egregious’ Violations in Union Battle

Today, a judge ruled that Starbucks had committed “egregious” violations in its attempt to prevent unionization in Buffalo, NY.

The judge ruled that Starbucks had illegally fired six union activists in the area and had violated the National Labor Relations Act in doing so.

The ruling comes after a long-running legal battle between the coffee giant and union organizers. After a majority of workers at the Buffalo store voted to unionize in February 2020, Starbucks moved to block the unionization.

The judge ruled that Starbucks had “engaged in a course of conduct that was designed to chill employees in the exercise of their rights to organize and bargain collectively.”

The judge ordered Starbucks to reinstate the six workers and to pay them for lost wages. Additionally, the judge ordered Starbucks to post a notice to all employees in the Buffalo store informing them of their right to unionize.

In a statement, Starbucks said it was “disappointed” with the ruling and would “vigorously defend” its actions.

The ruling is seen as a victory for union organizers, who have been pushing for the unionization of Starbucks stores across the country. It is also a reminder that companies must respect the rights of their employees to organize.