Judge Upholds Suspension of Prosecutor Despite DeSantis Violating State Law

Today, a Florida judge ruled that Governor Ron DeSantis violated state law, but upheld his suspension of former state attorney Andrew Warren. The judge ruled that DeSantis violated the state Constitution and the First Amendment when he fired Warren.

In response to the ruling, Warren released a statement saying, “I am disappointed in the court’s decision today. I have dedicated my career to protecting and defending the rights of Floridians, and I will continue to fight for justice.”

DeSantis had suspended Warren in 2019, citing his “militant agenda” and saying his actions were not in the best interests of the state. The governor’s office praised the ruling, saying that DeSantis had acted “in the best interest of Floridians and followed the law.”

Yahoo News reported that Warren’s bid to get his job back was unsuccessful. Fox News reported that the court’s ruling upholds DeSantis’ suspension of Warren.

The case has been widely covered by the media, with full coverage available on USNN.