Justice Department Investigates George Santos: Who’s the Boss and Where Does the Money Come From?

George Santos, a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives, is facing a federal investigation and increasing scrutiny as the Justice Department has asked the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to stand down.

The FEC has asked the Santos campaign to explain the source of its campaign funds and who is in charge after allegations of campaign finance violations. The Santos campaign has denied any wrongdoing and maintains that it is in compliance with all campaign finance laws.

Questions are also being raised about Santos’s relationship with the House GOP. Santos has stated that he has “no enemies, at least” among the party’s leadership. However, some critics have suggested that Santos is too close to some of the party’s more conservative members.

The investigation into Santos and his campaign is ongoing, and it remains to be seen if any wrongdoing will be uncovered. In the meantime, the Santos campaign has vowed to continue to fight for the people of their district and to run a clean and honest campaign.