Kenyan President Ruto Set to Deploy Police to Haiti in Three Weeks – Exclusive Interview with BBC!

Washington DC – Kenya’s President William Ruto announced plans to deploy a peacekeeping police force to Haiti in response to the escalating gang violence. The Kenyan troops are expected to arrive in about three weeks, following a planning team’s visit to Haiti to secure arrangements with local police. This initiative comes amid a surge in violence in Haiti, highlighted by the recent killing of two US missionaries by gangs in the country.

President Ruto, in an exclusive interview, revealed that a team was already in Haiti conducting assessments on the ground capabilities and infrastructure. The Kenyan-led multinational force was welcomed by the White House, which urged for swift deployment after the missionaries’ tragic deaths. The US is also part of the coalition working with Kenya to restore order in Haiti.

Gangs have taken control of many parts of Haiti, especially following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July 2021. President Ruto emphasized that the mission is to prevent further loss of lives to gang violence, stressing the need for swift action to address the security crisis in Haiti.

While addressing the security concerns in Haiti, President Ruto also discussed Kenya’s involvement in other global peacekeeping missions, including neighboring Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He expressed his commitment to addressing humanitarian crises in various regions, including Sudan, where he highlighted the urgent need for international attention.

President Ruto’s efforts have garnered international support, with the US designating Kenya as a non-NATO ally. This designation allows for closer security cooperation and access to sophisticated US weapons, strengthening diplomatic ties between the two countries. Despite Western influence in Africa declining, the partnership between Kenya and the US signals a new chapter in security cooperation.

As the world faces multiple crises, President Ruto emphasized the importance of addressing each situation with equal attention and working closely with allies like the US to promote peace and stability globally. The upcoming deployment of Kenyan police forces to Haiti underscores the country’s commitment to peacekeeping efforts and addressing security challenges in the region.