Keywords: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, hospitalized, dehydration, heart monitoring device New Headline: “Prime Minister Netanyahu Released from Hospital after Dehydration Scare, Doctors Implement Heart Monitoring Device for Ongoing Health Tracking”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was discharged from Sheba Medical Center on Sunday after a night in the hospital for dehydration. Although doctors implanted a heart monitoring device to continue tracking his health, they found no abnormalities after a series of examinations. The medical center stated that Netanyahu’s heart is completely normal and that he underwent comprehensive routine tests, including an electrical test of the heart, all of which came back normal. They also explained that no heart arrhythmias were found and that the use of a subcutaneous Holter was customary.

The announcement from the hospital comes amid criticism over the lack of transparency regarding Netanyahu’s medical condition, with information only being released by the hospital in coordination with the Prime Minister’s Office. Anonymous officials within the political and medical systems expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of transparency.

On Saturday, Netanyahu was hospitalized after complaining of dizziness, which was attributed to dehydration from spending time in the sun during an intense heatwave. In a video statement, Netanyahu explained that he had become dehydrated during his trip to the Sea of Galilee without a hat or water. Netanyahu arrived at the hospital fully conscious and was accompanied by his wife and son.

While media reports suggested that Netanyahu had lost consciousness and experienced chest pains, these claims were not addressed in Netanyahu’s video statement or in the hospital’s formal statement. Various politicians, including President Isaac Herzog and opposition leader Yair Lapid, wished Netanyahu a speedy recovery. International figures, such as US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and former US Vice President Mike Pence, also sent their well wishes.

Netanyahu does not have a formal deputy, but in the past, he has designated a ministerial colleague to temporarily fill in for him during trips abroad or scheduled medical procedures. Netanyahu heads an uncompromisingly hardline coalition government that has faced opposition over plans to overhaul the judiciary.

The prime minister is currently embroiled in a corruption trial, facing charges of fraud, breach of trust, and bribery, all of which he denies. In October, Netanyahu was hospitalized after feeling unwell during synagogue services and was released the next morning after undergoing exams and overnight observation.

Netanyahu’s health is of great political and national importance, considering his role as prime minister and the ongoing challenges facing the Israeli government.