Kim Jong Un’s Daughter Makes History: North Korea Shows Off Largest-Ever Number of Nuclear Missiles at Nighttime Parade

North Korea celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding with a nighttime parade featuring the country’s largest-ever display of nuclear missiles. The parade was also notable for the appearance of Kim Jong Un’s daughter, believed to be his youngest child, who was seen standing at the center of the lavish military banquet.

The appearance of the young girl, thought to be around 11-years-old, has prompted speculation about Kim Jong Un’s succession plans. She was last seen in public in July 2020 and her reappearance at the parade has been seen as a sign of her potential as a future leader.

The North Korean leader was seen holding hands with his daughter during the parade, an unusual public display of affection which has been widely commented on in the media.

The parade was attended by a number of high-ranking members of the North Korean military and was seen as a show of strength and unity from the country.

The event was closely monitored by the international community, with the United Nations Security Council issuing a statement condemning the display of nuclear weapons.