Kim Kardashian’s Hilarious Co-Sleeping Adventures with Son Saint Revealed!

Kim Kardashian recently took to her Instagram to share a hilarious story about her 7-year-old son Saint, and the internet is loving it.

Kardashian posted a photo of Saint in bed with her, and included a caption explaining that he had punched her in the eye while asleep. She joked, “Not as cute as I thought.”

The reality star also shared another post of her and Saint, this time of her being “punched in the face” by him while he was asleep. She wrote, “Co-sleeping is a real thing.”

Kardashian’s fans were quick to comment on the posts, with many of them laughing at the hilarious incident. One user wrote, “Oh my gosh, this is too funny!”

The mother of four also shared a post about the ups and downs of co-sleeping with kids, which she said can be both “cute” and “intimidating”.

Kardashian’s posts have been widely shared and have received a lot of attention, with many people relating to her story. It’s clear that the reality star’s sense of humor is still going strong, even when it comes to parenting.