“Late Show”: David Letterman Takes the Ed Sullivan Theater by Storm – Click to Watch his Return!

NEW YORK – After more than eight years since signing off as host of The Late Show, David Letterman was welcomed back to the Ed Sullivan Theater with a grand standing ovation on Monday. His successor, Stephen Colbert, introduced him amidst a roaring crowd chanting “David,” with Letterman jokingly questioning if there was going to be trouble.

During the interview, Colbert asked about Letterman’s experience in the late-night talk show world, to which Letterman expressed feeling “orphaned” in that realm. Despite the sympathy from the audience, Letterman didn’t appreciate the sarcasm, showcasing the wit and humor that made him a beloved TV personality.

To close the night, The National delivered a heartfelt performance of “Space Invader” to welcome back the late-night legend. Letterman also expressed his eternal gratitude and love for The National and the Foo Fighters, who made a historic appearance on his final episode of The Late Show.

While Letterman has made previous appearances on late-night television since he departed The Late Show, Monday’s episode marked the first time he returned to the show he launched on CBS back in 1993.

This momentous occasion signifies a reunion of sorts for Letterman and The Late Show, evoking nostalgia and fond memories for fans of the iconic late-night program.