Lawsuit: Uvalde Families Target Meta and Call of Duty Over Mass Shooting

Uvalde, Texas – Families in Uvalde, Texas, are taking legal action against Meta Platforms, the parent company of Instagram, and the creator of the video game “Call of Duty” following a tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School that claimed the lives of 19 students and two teachers. The lawsuit also includes Daniel Defense, the manufacturer of the AR-15 assault rifle used in the massacre on May 24, 2022. Filed on the second anniversary of the shooting, the families allege that these companies are responsible for providing the shooter with the tools, conditioning him to use violence, and teaching him how to use the weapon.

According to the families’ attorney, Josh Koskoff, there is a direct link between the actions of these companies and the Uvalde shooting. They claim that the shooter had been exposed to the weapon, encouraged to use it as a solution to his problems, and trained on how to operate it. The lawsuit also argues that Instagram failed to enforce its rules prohibiting the marketing of firearms and harmful content to minors.

In response to the lawsuit, a video game industry trade group defended the industry, stating that there is no evidence linking video games to violent acts. The Entertainment Software Association expressed their condolences for the tragedy and emphasized the importance of addressing the root causes of violence rather than blaming video games.

Daniel Defense CEO, Marty Daniels, condemned the Uvalde shooting and similar acts of violence as “pure evil” and “deeply disturbing” during a congressional hearing in 2022. Families affected by the tragedy have also filed a separate lawsuit against 91 Texas Department of Public Safety officers and the local school district for their response to the shooting, questioning the delay in confronting the shooter that may have cost lives.

Criticism has been directed towards local law enforcement for their hesitancy during the incident, as it took over 70 minutes for officials to confront and neutralize the shooter. The families have raised concerns about the lack of accountability for the officers’ actions during the tragedy, calling for justice for their loved ones.

Veronica Luevanos, who lost her daughter and nephew in the shooting, highlighted the lack of accountability on the part of the officers who failed to intervene while innocent lives were at stake. The families are seeking justice and answers for the events that unfolded on that fateful day.

Efforts to reach out to Meta, Daniel Defense, and the creators of “Call of Duty” for comment on the lawsuits have been made. The legal battles surrounding the Uvalde shooting continue, as families seek accountability and closure in the aftermath of the tragic event.