Looters Cause Chaos at Oakland Gas Station: 9-Hour Police Delay Leaves Store Owner Fuming

OAKLAND, CA – A mob of looters wreaked havoc at a gas station convenience store in Oakland, causing extensive damage as the store manager bemoaned the delayed response from law enforcement. The chaotic incident occurred at the 76 Station near the Oakland International Airport, reportedly after attendees of a nearby car sideshow descended upon the store.

The store owner, Sam Mardaie, recounted how approximately 80 to 100 individuals forcibly entered the store, looting and vandalizing everything in sight. Surveillance footage captured the looters grabbing drinks, food items, and even a television, causing destruction to shelves and grocery items.

During the 40-minute pillaging spree, the looters made off with around $25,000 in cash from the store’s register and ATM. Despite their efforts, they were unable to access the store’s safe. Two employees were also threatened during the event, highlighting the dangers faced during such incidents of mass looting.

Mardaie expressed his frustration at the ordeal, emphasizing the impact on him and his family who had taken over the business less than a year ago. The delayed police response, reportedly taking nine hours after the robbery began, further added to the distress of the situation.

The incident at the 76 Station is emblematic of the rising crime rates in Oakland, with several businesses facing closures due to safety concerns. Customers in the area shared their fears, reflecting a sense of unease and vulnerability amidst the ongoing crime wave.

As authorities continue to grapple with the surge in criminal activities, residents and business owners are seeking reassurance and solutions to address the escalating lawlessness in the community. The challenges faced by establishments like the 76 Station underscore the need for comprehensive strategies to combat crime and ensure the safety of residents and businesses in Oakland.

Overall, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the pressing issues surrounding public safety and law enforcement in Oakland, calling for concerted efforts to address and mitigate the impact of criminal activities on the community.