Mahomes Injury, Eagles Resurgence, and National Predictions: The Story of NFL Divisional Round Day 1

The first day of the NFL Divisional Round of the playoffs was full of surprises and excitement. The Philadelphia Eagles made a resurgence with a dominant win over the Chicago Bears, while the Kansas City Chiefs suffered a major setback when star quarterback Patrick Mahomes was forced to leave the game due to injury.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs faced off in a highly anticipated Divisional Round matchup. The Chiefs were favored to win, and that’s exactly what happened. The Chiefs were able to take advantage of Mahomes’ absence and secure a win, advancing to the AFC Championship Game.

National experts were split on who would win the game, but ultimately the Chiefs prevailed. The Chiefs’ win was a testament to their resilience and ability to overcome adversity.

The first day of the Divisional Round also saw a number of underdogs and juggernauts clash. The Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams put on an impressive show, while the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans battled it out in a close contest.

The NFL playoffs are sure to bring plenty more excitement and surprises in the days ahead. With the Chiefs advancing to the AFC Championship Game, the stage is set for an exciting finish to the season.