Man breaks into home of veteran Hollywood makeup artist, stabs her 20 times

LOS ANGELES, CA – A Hollywood makeup artist known for her work on such productions as “Rebel Moon,” the upcoming “Mean Girls” reboot, and “Babylon,” is in intensive care after surviving a brutal stabbing at her Los Angeles residence. Allie Shehorn, 35, was assaulted on May 23, according to information shared by her close friends on a fundraising platform.

Shehorn’s ordeal escalated when her ex-boyfriend allegedly broke in and stabbed her multiple times before escaping the scene. It is reported that she had recently acquired a restraining order against him due to concerns for her safety.

During the violent episode, Christine White, whom Shehorn considers a mother figure, was present in the house. White described discovering Shehorn in a harrowing state and recounted the shock of encountering the aftermath of the attack in the bedroom.

Suffering from deep lacerations to her neck, arms, and abdomen, Shehorn was rushed to intensive care, where she has already undergone several surgical operations. Jed Dornoff, one of the GoFundMe page organizers and friends of Shehorn, credited White with acting swiftly and courageously to save the makeup artist’s life.

Since the incident, Shehorn’s condition has been showing signs of improvement. She is now starting to eat independently and has regained the ability to speak, her friends report.

The alleged assailant was apprehended in Texas as he purportedly attempted to cross the border into Mexico.

Shehorn’s career in the film industry, as noted on her IMDb page, spans 70 released films and includes involvement in over 20 forthcoming projects. Her friends, through the online fundraiser, describe her as an extraordinary individual, overflowing with kindness, love, and an intrinsic warmth.

The GoFundMe campaign has garnered approximately $75,000 to aid in Shehorn’s recovery, reflecting the outpouring of support from the community. Supporters, including co-organizer Emily MacDonald, repeatedly praised Shehorn’s character and expressed dismay over the violence she endured.

Recalling their connections with the suspect, friends were shocked by the unexpected aggression from someone who was seemingly stable and integrated into their social circle. Dornoff detailed personal experiences with the ex-boyfriend from the initial meeting on the set of “Rebel Moon” to subsequent shared social events, recounting the disbelief that someone they knew could commit such an act of violence.

The outpour of support continues as Shehorn’s long road to recovery unfolds, with a community rallying behind her resilience and spirit.