Man crashes into river and tries to swim away after police chase

COLUMBIA COUNTY, OR – Oregon authorities apprehended a man after a dramatic set of events on Monday, involving a high-speed car chase that started in Washington state and concluded with an attempted aquatic escape into the Columbia River.

Jaden Hays, 27, was on the radar for multiple charges stemming from an alleged June 25 confrontation in Longview, where he is accused of first-degree robbery and fourth-degree assault against a relative. Allegations indicate that Hays employed force and death threats during the altercation where he purportedly robbed the family member.

The incident escalated when Hays was identified at a local market close to 8 p.m. Despite officers’ attempts to intercept him, Hays fled in a black Volkswagen, igniting a chase that saw speeds topping 120 mph as it progressed across the Lewis and Clark Bridge from Washington to Oregon.

To halt Hays, law enforcement placed spike strips on the road near Clatskanie, which effectively disabled the vehicle. Undeterred, Hays then plunged into the frigid waters of the Columbia River in an attempt to evade capture. Nevertheless, his freedom was short-lived as authorities convinced him to abandon his swim and return to shore, culminating in his arrest.

Hays, now detained at the Columbia County Jail, faces numerous charges, including felony eluding, resisting arrest, and reckless driving. Officials have noted that Hays will be facing extradition proceedings to address the charges in Longview.