Man pleads for his life after girlfriend zips him in suitcase and won’t let him out

ORLANDO, FL – A Florida woman is facing trial in the death of her boyfriend, who was found dead after being confined in a suitcase. Sarah Boone is scheduled for an October court date to face allegations of committing second-degree murder in the demise of 42-year-old Jorge Torres, Jr. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office charged Boone following the February 2020 incident, which stirred considerable attention and horror.

The investigation into Torres’ death revealed disturbing evidence when authorities examined Boone’s cell phone. Video clips depicted the victim seemingly trapped in the suitcase, struggling and pleading for his release, while a woman—identified as Boone—allegedly taunted him. The footage showed the verbal exchange between Boone and Torres as the situation escalated.

In the video, Boone accuses Torres of cheating and can be heard laughing as his muffled voice emerges from the suitcase, imploring her for help and stating he is unable to breathe. Boone’s words mock his pleas, equating his distress to her feelings of being choked, suggesting retribution for infidelity.

Boone gave a different narrative to that of law enforcement, asserting that the incident resulted from a hide-and-seek game that tragically took a wrong turn. She claimed that she dozed off while Torres was still inside the suitcase, and upon waking, she found him lifeless.

Legal proceedings have been complex, with Boone having reportedly rotated through seven defense attorneys since the case’s inception. She has consistently maintained her innocence, entering a plea of not guilty. Since her arrest in 2020, Boone has been held without bond.

Concerns around domestic violence and accountability have risen to the forefront as this shocking case progresses towards trial, showcasing the grave consequences that can emerge from volatile relationships.

The upcoming trial promises to be a meticulous examination of the grim boundary between what may have begun as a game and what ended as a fatal encounter. Boone’s defense against the second-degree murder charge will be scrutinized as prosecutors offer their interpretation of the unsettling evidence.