Man stabs wife and mother-in-law to death, police find bloody glove

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Philadelphia has been stunned by a heinous double homicide after a man was taken into police custody, facing accusations of murdering his wife and mother-in-law. With the crucial discovery of a bloody glove at the crime scene linking him to the slayings, authorities arrested 43-year-old Leandro Barberena. 

Charged with two counts of murder, Barberena finds himself at the center of a disturbing family tragedy that has left the community in disbelief.

Responding to a chilling 911 call placed by Barberena himself, police and first responders arrived at the home on Bingham Street in the afternoon to find a gruesome tableau. The victims, identified as 58-year-old Alma Barberena and her 75-year-old mother, Angela Trejo, were found in the basement, slain with multiple stab wounds. Declared deceased at the scene, the elder woman’s bloody demise has prompted a fervent investigation.

During an intensive probe into the violent incident, investigators discovered matching bloody gloves — one at the scene and another in Barberena’s vehicle. Along with signs of defensive wounds on his hands, which Barberena attributed to a tiling job, these unsettling pieces of evidence quickly moved the spotlight onto him as the prime suspect.

The Philadelphia Police Department is methodically piecing together the timeline of events. Officials surmise that Alma Barberena visited her parents’ home that day to assist with a telehealth appointment for her father. Allegations suggest that her husband followed her there, proceeding to violently attack both women.

No motive for the murders has yet been put forth by the authorities, and reports indicate that there had been no prior domestic disputes involving the couple known to the police. Yet, in a tight-knit community where the Barerenas were considered excellent neighbors, the news has been met with shock and heartbreak.