Man tries to choke and drown wife in ocean; tries to bury her alive in the sand

SAN DIEGO, CA – A California man was sentenced to 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to the attempted murder of his wife in a violent incident at San Diego’s Coronado Beach.

The attack took place on February 24, when Jose Luis Mares III, 26, assaulted his wife after a dispute, attempting to drown her in the Pacific Ocean before attempting to bury her alive in the sand, according to local authorities. The victim was able to escape and received aid from a bystander until emergency services arrived.

During his court appearance at Chula Vista Superior Court, Mares confessed to the crime, acknowledging the attack involved great bodily injury under circumstances of domestic violence. This agreement came after he accepted a plea deal, which led to the dismissal of other related felony charges.

Mares has a prior criminal record, with a felony “strike” for carjacking in Los Angeles County in October 2017. His history of felonious behavior stood as an aggravating factor in the eyes of the court.

The evening’s harrowing events concluded with law enforcement officers finding the defendant concealing himself in the backyard of a residential property not far from the beach. His capture and subsequent prosecution brought a significant prison term, reflecting the severity of this case.

The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office reiterated the seriousness with which it takes cases of domestic violence and the dedication to seeking justice for victims, illustrated by the substantial sentence handed down in this matter.

In the wake of this chilling assault, the survivor’s resilience and the swift response of authorities stand as a testament to the importance of community vigilance and the crucial role of bystanders in emergency situations.