“March Madness 2023 Bracket Revealed: Experts and Fans React to Shocking Picks and Snubs”

College basketball fans are buzzing with excitement as the NCAA tournament gets underway, but some unexpected picks and snubs have caused controversy.

According to CBS Sports, a college basketball model released predictions for the 2023 March Madness tournament that have surprised many. The model’s bracket includes teams that many experts did not expect to see, while some popular teams were left out. Fans are eager to see whether the model’s picks will hold up as the tournament unfolds.

Meanwhile, the men’s NCAA tournament selection committee has also received criticism for some of its picks. Yahoo Sports reports that while the committee got some things right, there were also some surprising snubs. Fans are particularly upset about several well-known teams that were left out of the tournament.

ESPN is also weighing in on the committee’s decisions, with Joe Lunardi’s tournament bracket pointing out both hits and misses from the selection process. Fans are using Lunardi’s analysis to predict which teams might advance in the tournament.

The Duke Basketball Report has also released a preliminary look at the 2023 NCAA tournament bracket, which has generated further excitement and discussion among fans.

However, not all the news is positive. Yahoo Sports has identified the five biggest snubs from this year’s tournament bracket, much to the frustration of fans of those teams.

Overall, the NCAA tournament is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in years, but fans are closely watching the selection process to see whether their favorite teams will make it to the final rounds.