Max Scherzer expresses frustration with MLB’s strict pitch clock enforcement

Max Scherzer, the pitcher for the New York Mets, fired back at Major League Baseball’s (MLB) strict pitch clock enforcement after his team’s win over the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday. The enforcement, which requires pitchers to release the ball within 20 seconds of receiving it, has left Scherzer “frustrated” and “living and dying by the clock.”

In a post-game interview with SNY, Scherzer discussed his frustration with the warm-up pitch situation and the strict pitch clock enforcement. According to Scherzer, pitchers need more time to warm up before games, and the pitch clock is not allowing them to do so. The clock also creates additional pressure on pitchers, who must release the ball within the allotted time or face penalties.

Scherzer’s comments echo those made earlier this week to ESPN, where he stated that the pitch clock is “frustrating” and that he feels like he’s “rushing” his pitches. He also mentioned that umpires would prefer more discretion in the enforcement of the clock, as it interferes with the flow of the game.

Despite Scherzer’s frustrations, the Mets’ pitcher turned in a strong outing against the Phillies, allowing only one run while striking out 10 batters in 6.2 innings. Scherzer’s performance helped the Mets secure a critical win in their playoff push.

Scherzer’s comments have also caught the attention of various media outlets, including Yahoo Sports and The Boston Globe, which have extensively covered his critique of the strict pitch clock enforcement. As the MLB postseason nears, it remains to be seen if the league will make any changes to the enforcement of the clock to address some of the concerns raised by Scherzer and other pitchers.