Mexican Cartel Apologizes and Serves Up Suspects for Attack on American Tourists

Mexican Cartel Apologizes for Attack on American Family

The Mexican cartel responsible for the recent attack on an American family in which nine people were killed, has publicly apologized and handed over five members responsible for the attack. The incident took place on November 4, in which three women and six children, all with dual US-Mexican citizenship, were ambushed and killed while traveling in a convoy of SUVs in the state of Sonora.

In a letter addressed to the family of the victims, the cartel leader expressed his regret for the attack and offered his condolences. He also promised to do everything possible to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. The letter was signed by the “La Salida del Sol” cartel, which is known for its involvement in drug trafficking and other criminal activities.

The Mexican authorities have praised the cartel’s response and expressed their gratitude for the handover of the suspects. However, some experts have expressed skepticism over the sincerity of the apology, and questioned whether it was a genuine effort to reduce tensions with the US.

US President Donald Trump had earlier offered to send troops to Mexico to tackle the drug cartels, but his offer was rejected by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Despite the diplomatic tensions, US and Mexican authorities continue to cooperate on various security issues, including the fight against drug trafficking and illegal immigration.

The incident has once again highlighted the growing problem of violence and insecurity in Mexico, and the need for greater international cooperation in tackling organized crime. The victims of the attack were laid to rest in a ceremony in Arizona earlier this month, attended by hundreds of mourners.