Michigan State University in Fear and Chaos as Gunman Roams Campus, Victims Identified

On February 14th, fear and panic swept through Michigan State University as a gunman roamed the campus. The gunman, who was later identified as a former student, was arrested and the campus was declared safe.

The suspect, who had been charged with a felony weapon charge in 2019, had the charge dropped later that year.

Four victims were identified in the shooting, three of whom were Michigan State University students. One student, who is an Indian national, wrote a piece reflecting on the tragedy, saying that universities don’t prepare students for the reality that they could be shot.

In the aftermath of the shooting, some politicians have been accused of exploiting the tragedy for their own gain, with one opinion piece calling the Democrats’ reaction “indefensible”.

The full coverage of the Michigan State University shooting can be found on USNN.