“Microsoft’s March 2023 Patch Tuesday: Urgent Security Fixes for Exploited Bugs and Flaws”

Microsoft tackles 83 bugs and two zero-day flaws in Patch Tuesday for March 2023

On Tuesday, Microsoft released their latest round of security fixes under their Patch Tuesday program for March 2023. This month’s release addresses a total of 83 vulnerabilities, including two zero-day flaws that had been exploited “in the wild”. The company warned that these were serious vulnerabilities, with one being a “critical” risk and one being a “high” risk.

Microsoft 365 Apps were also in the spotlight, with reports that they were being exploited through a pre-auth RCE bug. The vulnerability was given a CVSS score of 9.8, which indicates a critical vulnerability. The Stack reported the bug was being actively exploited, and urged users to update their software as soon as possible.

Outlook users were also in the firing line, with Microsoft patching a zero-day flaw in the popular email program. The flaw was reported to have been actively exploited, underscoring the importance of keeping software up to date.

Windows 10 also received a new update, with KB5023696 released. The update featured several fixes, including an issue that caused screens to become unresponsive and a problem that prevented some apps from opening.

Overall, this month’s Patch Tuesday release was a significant one, with Microsoft addressing numerous vulnerabilities that could have serious consequences if left unpatched. Users are urged to update their systems as soon as possible to protect themselves from potential attacks.