Missing 17-year-old girl found brutally murdered in Tennessee woods

HENDERSONVILLE, TN – A 17-year-old from Westmoreland, Tennessee, has been charged with first-degree murder following the discovery of another teen’s remains in Hendersonville. The case, which sent shockwaves through the local community, escalated rapidly a week after the initial missing person report.

Trinity Bostic, the victim, was first reported missing on June 29, according to authorities. Shortly after, the Macon County Sheriff’s Office undertook the investigation, extending their search beyond the county lines when it became clear Trinity’s last known whereabouts did not fall within their jurisdiction.

On July 3, just days after the search commenced, a service worker found Trinity’s remains by the side of a road while performing routine trash collection. Hendersonville Police have since been investigating the scene and circumstances surrounding the unfortunate event, though the cause of death has yet to be determined.

The male suspect currently in custody has not been publicly named, which is consistent with the legal provisions for juveniles. He is being held in a juvenile detention center in Sumner County as the legal process unfolds.

In a showing of solidarity and community spirit, Trinity’s high school graduating class initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support her grieving family. They hope to ease the financial burden during this challenging time. The fundraiser has already garnered significant support, with contributions exceeding $8,000.