Moscow hit with drone attack as Ukraine denies involvement and Putin claims civilians targeted

Moscow experienced a terrifying drone attack yesterday, and Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that it was aimed at civilians. The attack occurred during the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, adding a new dimension to the already tense situation. According to reports, two explosives-laden drones were flown into the Russian capital, striking a busy area and injuring several people.

Putin has condemned the attack, labeling it as a cowardly act of terrorism. The Kremlin has vowed to track down those responsible and ensure they are brought to justice. However, Russian authorities don’t seem to have any leads yet, as they are still investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has denied being involved in the Moscow strike, but predicted that there could be more attacks. Ukrainian officials have called for a ceasefire to bring an end to the ongoing conflict and have requested an urgent meeting with their Russian counterparts.

The attack has elicited strong reactions from experts worldwide. Some have called it a “very bad” move that could heighten tensions between the two countries. Others worry that this could be a sign of things to come, with other groups also resorting to drone attacks.

In Moscow, residents who witnessed the attack have expressed shock and fear. One eyewitness reported hearing a loud bang and seeing several people lying injured on the ground. Interestingly, the drones used in the attack were reportedly of Turkish origin, adding another layer of complexity to this already murky situation.

The Moscow drone attack is a stark reminder that the Ukraine-Russia war is far from over. As both sides continue to fight with no end in sight, innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire. The world can only hope for an urgent resolution to this conflict before more lives are lost.