National Rally Projected to Sweep European Election in France – Macron in Disbelief as Far-Right Party Celebrates Victory

Paris, France – The far-right National Rally has swept the European election in France, garnering an impressive 31.5 percent of the vote, significantly surpassing President Macron’s liberal Renaissance party, which is projected to only secure 15.2 percent.

Early exit polls indicate that the National Rally’s victory is so commanding that it outweighs the combined votes of the second and third largest parties in the election. The center-left social democrats have earned approximately 14 percent of the vote, trailing significantly behind the National Rally.

President Macron’s decision to dissolve the National Assembly has shocked many of his supporters, eliciting audible gasps and “Oh no” responses as he made the announcement in a televised address from his party headquarters in Paris. On the contrary, jubilant supporters of the National Rally erupted in celebration as Macron revealed the dissolution of parliament, a move that the party had been actively advocating for amid their electoral triumph.

In a symbolic moment, supporters of the National Rally joyously chanted “Dissolution, dissolution!” while watching Macron’s address at an electoral event. Marine Le Pen, a prominent figure in the party and a vocal Euroskeptic, stepped onto the stage to address the enthusiastic crowd, hailing the decision to dissolve the parliament as a necessary move reflecting the principles of the Fifth Republic.

Expressing her approval of the decision, Le Pen emphasized the significance of the EU election results as a message to Brussels to end what she referred to as an era of globalism. The landslide victory for the National Rally in France signifies a shift in political landscape, challenging the existing establishment and reflecting a growing sentiment of discontent with current policies. The outcome of the election is expected to have broad implications for the future direction of the country and its relationship with the European Union.