“Nationwide Chaos”: Over 50 Injured in Peru as Protests Demand Ouster of President and Call for New Elections

Chaos has erupted in Peru as protests demanding the ouster of President Martín Vizcarra and calling for new elections have caused nationwide unrest. According to Reuters Canada, over 50 people have been injured in the protests, with The Guardian reporting dozens more injured and police stations attacked.

The protests have been deadly, with Al Jazeera English reporting dozens of injuries. The unrest has been sparked by accusations of corruption against President Vizcarra, who is refusing to step down. PBS NewsHour’s News Wrap reports that the protests are demanding his ouster and new elections.

Foreign Affairs Magazine has delved deeper into the issue of Peru’s democratic dysfunction, looking at how the country’s broken system can be fixed. With protests continuing to cause chaos across the country, the future of Peru’s democracy remains uncertain.

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